Bookkeeping and Accounting Services For Small Businesses

bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses

If you’re running a small business, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses available. If you’re not sure which one to choose, keep reading! Here are five options: Bench, Analytix Solutions, GrowthForce, Bookkeeper360, and Intuit. You can also outsource the task to a freelancer, who will be paid on an hourly basis and will not be eligible for benefits.


When deciding between different bookkeeping and accounting services for your business, you can use a few benchmarks to compare firms. One common benchmark is profit margin. Profit margin is the portion of a company’s sales that is profit. Most benchmarking data comes from large publicly traded companies, which enjoy economies of scale that allow them to purchase goods and services at lower prices. Profit margin can therefore be higher than you might imagine, but be aware that publicly traded companies also incur additional costs for financial reporting.

Benchmark Bookkeeping offers financial services and professional accounting support to small businesses. Their systems help businesses keep their records clean, reduce administrative costs, and give business owners more time to pursue their goals. The company can hire a full-time employee or provide in-house bookkeeping services, depending on your needs. To make things easier for you, they offer flexible payment plans and fixed fee pricing. And because they offer fixed-fee pricing, you can make payments on a monthly basis without incurring interest charges.

While benchmarks aren’t strictly necessary to measure your business’s success, they are useful tools to track progress and manage growth. Compare your actual results to industry benchmarks to find out where your business stands. If it’s significantly different from the numbers you receive from Benchmark Bookkeeping, you may need to make changes in your business operations. If you’ve set very high goals, you may also want to use benchmarks to ensure your success.

Sage is a great tool for small businesses, as it is designed to assist with administrative tasks such as sending invoices, tracking payments, and calculating tax. However, it’s not complete without other features, like payroll and time-tracking. Sage may be a bit on the pricey side, but it has an impressive feature set. The company’s staff is trained to use it as needed, so your company can focus on running your business instead of managing your finances.

Analytix Solutions

In the age of digitalization, it is vital for business owners to add the latest technology stack to their business. Analytix offers a range of bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. The company uses proprietary technology and systems to deliver fast turnaround times and a high degree of accuracy across all services. These services include traditional accounting as well as cloud-based solutions. Small business owners can choose to outsource bookkeeping and accounting services, or they can select a combination of the two.

Pilot provides a comprehensive range of basic bookkeeping services, including access to financial reports and a chart of accounts. Many additional services and features are only available as add-on services or custom plans. The custom plan is designed for businesses that spend more than $200,000 monthly, and may include tax planning and strategic planning as well as accounting software set-up. Its monthly fee includes unlimited access to its bookkeeping software and a dedicated account manager.

Anatix Solutions has several affordable options for bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Bookkeeper360 offers one-stop billing for a year and a 10% discount for annual billing. FinancePal is another option with customizable options. This service includes transaction recording, income statement preparation, balance sheet preparation, and payroll services. They also offer small business tax preparation services, as well as dedicated CPAs and tax specialists. Pricing for FinancePal depends on monthly transactions and industry.


While you may be able to find an accountant in your area, you might be wondering what makes GrowthForce different from those providers. It’s actually a fractional accounting department that delivers actionable financial intelligence to keep its clients tax and audit ready. Instead of relying on an individual to do this, GrowthForce employs a team of experts who specialize in small business accounting compliance. To learn more about how GrowthForce can benefit your business, read on.

GrowthForce is a bookkeeping and accounting service that provides professional and efficient financial information to small businesses. The company specializes in QuickBooks and provides a variety of services to small businesses. Their team of accountants, bookkeepers, and controllers provide the expertise to increase cash flow and profitability. They are located in Kingwood, Texas. They offer flexible work schedules and competitive rates. GrowingForce has been listed on the Fast 100 list of Houston businesses and won the FastTech 50 award.

The cost of GrowthForce bookkeeping and accounting services for a small business will range between $2,000 and $5,500 per year, depending on the service you choose. GrowthForce has three accounting team members to take on every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. One full-time bookkeeper will cost $45,000 per year, including taxes and benefits. GrowthForce is a great choice for small businesses that don’t want to spend so much money on their accounting team.

The GrowthForce guide to outsourcing your back office can help you understand if outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting needs is right for your business. It provides easy-to-follow steps to make sure you’re not losing money or time while evaluating a company’s services. Moreover, you can use the guide to assess the benefits of outsourcing your back office. It includes a quiz that will help you evaluate the right company for your needs.


If you’re looking for a complete bookkeeping and accounting service for your small business, Bookkeeper360 can help you with your accounting and HR needs. Its professionals can help you with department mapping, time tracking, W-2s and 1099s, tax preparation, sales tax, and use tax planning. It also has dedicated bookkeepers and CPAs on staff. Compared to other options, Bookkeeper360’s base pricing is higher than most. However, if you need bookkeeping and accounting assistance for a large company, they have scalable pricing plans that are right for your needs.

One of the most popular online bookkeeping service providers is Bookkeeper360. It’s an online bookkeeping service provider that works with small and mid-size businesses. Its software integrates with your accounting software and connects to your accounting system to provide collaborative online bookkeeping. Customers can choose from three different pricing plans, or create a custom package. You won’t be locked into a contract – you can cancel your service at any time if you’re no longer satisfied.

For the most part, Bookkeeper360 offers three basic bookkeeping plans with different levels of service. The Essential plan costs $199 a month, while the Premium plan costs $499 monthly. The pricing for this service is flexible and includes tax handling. Bookkeeper360’s customer support is responsive and knowledgeable. The company also offers live chat and email support for additional assistance. However, you should know that the monthly fee for Bookkeeper360 will increase as your business grows, and a higher-level subscription may be necessary for your needs.

Bench offers a simple, affordable online bookkeeping service with a human touch. Its plans include a dedicated bookkeeping team for your accounting needs. If you’re not comfortable with manual accounting, Bookkeeper360 also offers a payroll and tax preparation service. The service also offers two business accounting packages: Basic and Premium. If you don’t want to spend time preparing your taxes, Bench is the right choice for your business.