Top 10 Biggest Accounting Firms

top 10 biggest accounting firms

There are many big names in the world of accounting, but who are the top 10? Here’s a look at some of them. The first firm on this list is PwC, followed by Ernst & Young, then KPMG, and finally Binder Dijker Otte. These are all world-renowned accounting firms that earn millions of dollars from auditing clients’ accounts. If you’re looking for an accounting firm with big global reach, you can’t go wrong with one of these five giants.


Although it is one of the biggest accounting firms, PwC has faced competition from other big players in the field. The big four accounting firms – KPMG, PwC, and Deloitte – rotate their clients every 10 years. PwC, for instance, only remained the auditor for Barclays for a brief period after it completed a 120-year stint.

As of 2016, Pricewaterhouse Coopers had the most global revenue of all of the Big Four accounting firms. The firm has more than 150 offices worldwide and is headquartered in London. In its history, PwC started out as Coopers & Lybrand and merged with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1849. There were several mergers and rebrandings over the years, but the name remained consistent.

The firm also has a number of student programs. The Aspire, Challenge, Explore, and Start programs are aimed at college students and give them an opportunity to learn, grow professionally, and get experience in the professional world. Having had a prior internship with PwC makes a student 1000 times more likely to be hired at the firm. So, how does PwC stand out from the rest?

Deloitte retained its consulting practice after the Enron scandal. The other big four firms, including Deloitte, sold their consulting practices and rebuilt them. Deloitte also has a strong advisory practice. Among the Big Four, PwC is the largest accounting firm in the world, followed by EY and KPMG. With revenues of $35.2 billion, PwC has been a strong contender in the US and worldwide.

Ernst & Young

If you are looking for the best accounting firm, you may be wondering what you should expect from Ernst & Young. The firm was founded in New York in 1899 and has expanded into the world market, with over 280,000 people worldwide. This multinational firm provides services for a variety of industries, including financial services, real estate, consumer products, and private equity. The firm is headquartered in New York and has offices around the world.

With more than thirteen8,000 employees in the U.S. alone, the firm generates over $8 billion in revenue each year. Founded in 1899, the company has offices in 147 countries and employs over 29,000 people in the U.S. Ernst & Young is currently led by Chief executive Steve Howe. The firm recently appointed Mark Weinberger as its global CEO to replace James Turley. In addition, the firm acquired Philadelphia-based financial advisory firm Jeffrey A. Parker & Associates to expand its global presence.

Among the other top accounting firms, PwC is the largest in the United States. It serves eighty-six percent of Fortune Global 500 companies and over one million private companies. Its reputation is one of the reasons it ranks higher than Deloitte, the second largest accounting firm in the world. It is headquartered in New York and has offices in 13 states. There are over two50,000 people working for PwC.

The Big Four firms provide auditing, consulting, valuation, market research, and legal advisory services to companies. The Big Four were originally the top eight accounting firms, but they merged in 1989, creating the current four. Since then, the four largest firms have expanded their services to include tax, strategy consulting, and valuation. These companies are the most sought-after passageways for tax professionals and other professionals.


If you’re looking for a job in the world of accounting, then KPMG could be a great option. The firm has been around for over a century, and has grown steadily since its founding in 1891. Whether through acquisition or merger, KPMG has grown to be the fourth largest firm in the world. Currently, the company has almost 175,000 professionals in 150 different countries.

Based in Amsterdam, KPMG was formed from the merger of Peat Marwick and Klynveld Kraayenhof. The Amsterdam-based firm has over 190,000 staff, and is organized into three service lines. KPMG firms are independent legal entities, and are part of the KPMG International Cooperative. Another Big Four firm is Ernst & Young. It was recently ranked the 29th best place to work in the U.S. and the 11th largest private organization worldwide.

The Big Four accounting firms are located in more than 150 countries and have more than 700 offices around the world. Unlike smaller firms, these companies are larger and have many resources inside their client companies. Their resources have not led to the discovery of massive frauds, but instead have contributed to the exposure of companies like Worldcom and Enron. These firms have also been accused of not asking tough questions or investigating suspicious activity.

The Big Four accounting firms are PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, and Ernst & Young. Each firm has its own specialization, but the four firms are known for their expertise in different fields. While Deloitte, PwC, and Ernst & Young have similar skills and backgrounds, they also offer a comprehensive range of accounting services. Among these are tax advisory, risk assessment, and management consulting.

Binder Dijker Otte

BDO is an accountancy network that specializes in audit, tax, and advisory services. Its members are self-contained legal entities within their nations and coordinate as BDO Global Coordination B.V. BDO started in 1963 with three founding firms: Seidman, Otte, and Binder. While it has grown significantly since then, its core values have remained unchanged. Today, BDO has offices and affiliates in more than 135 countries.

The first member of the network is Seidman & Seidman, a small and midsized accounting firm in Manhattan. They will maintain their office location at 1430 Broadway, located in the jewelry and garment district. The move will complement Seidman’s existing client base and services, which include consulting services to small and midsized companies. In addition to its specialized services, Brout & Company will continue to be based at 1430 Broadway.

BDO is an international network of public accounting, tax, consulting, and business advisory firms with over 60,000 partners in 1,328 offices. Founded in 1910, the firm’s history dates back to the late nineteenth century. Its founder Maximilian Seidman was one of the country’s 2,200 CPAs. The firm’s growth spurred it to open a second office in Michigan in 1917, which did brisk business in the furniture industry. In the 1960s, BDO expanded its geographic scope throughout the US.

BDO is the 5th largest global accounting firm, with nearly 64,000 people working in over 1,600 offices in 167 countries. Its US office alone employs 8,063 employees in 65 offices. In addition to serving a number of publicly traded companies, BDO serves both privately held and public-owned firms. For more information on BDO and other major accounting firms, visit their website.

Grant Thornton

RSM US is a global firm that offers tax, audit, and consulting services. It is one of the top 10 accounting firms in the United States. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Grant Thornton first entered the accounting scene in 1924 and has seen rapid growth in recent years. The firm’s recent acquisition of PFK has increased its service offerings and streamlined the firm’s management.

The firm merged with three other international companies in FY 2017. In the United Kingdom, it pledged to donate $300 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Thurgood Marshall College Fund over the next three years. The firm has published its first DEI report and plans to cut its carbon footprint by more than half by 2030. The company has been recognized by numerous awards, including being named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work and the Best Companies for Families.

In 2021, the top six accounting firms have experienced phenomenal growth. The Big 4 has shifted to the fifth spot while Grant Thornton has climbed to the sixth position. The competition among the Top 10 accounting firms is fierce, with new accounting requirements, globalization, and complex cross-border deals. Grant Thornton has also grown to become one of the largest accounting firms worldwide. So, how does a top accounting firm grow so fast?

The company employs more than 4,500 people worldwide. Its headquarters is in Oak Brook Terrace, IL, and it’s led by Charles Allen. It offers services to a variety of industries and has announced the addition of a Dynamics automotive consulting team from ExtOrg. If you’re looking for a top accounting firm, Crowe LLP may be right for you. These firms provide audit, tax, and other financial services to clients worldwide.