TaxSlayer For Tax Preparers Price Tiers

taxslayer for tax preparers

If you’re a newbie at tax preparation, or are just starting your business, it might help to learn about the different price tiers of TaxSlayer for taxpayers. This article will cover the Classic, Self-Employed, and Premium plans. Learn how to determine which one will best meet your needs and budget. Also, consider the reviews of users to get a feel for the software and its overall quality.

TaxSlayer’s Classic tier

While TurboTax charges more for small business forms and rental properties, the upgrades from Classic to Premium are largely about support and services. Like sit-down restaurants, TaxSlayer offers more people to help you with your tax preparation. You can upgrade to the Premium version without paying more for the same features as the Classic tier. Both Classic and Premium have access to three years of Audit Assistance and free federal and state filing.

While the Basic plan offers free access to all features, you cannot access priority support or Ask a Pro feature. The Premium tier offers all forms and features that are available on the Classic plan. The company also offers a discounted option for solo filers and tax preparers. Customers can choose from a variety of options, and they can pay based on their life circumstances, employment status, and preferred support methods.

While TurboTax and TaxSlayer may be the cheapest options, they are far from perfect. TaxSlayer’s Classic tier, while lacking in advanced features, offers unlimited one-on-one guidance from a tax professional. It is worth the extra cost to access this feature, as it’s a great bargain compared to TurboTax. And while you’re there, consider downloading the mobile version.

The Classic tier of TaxSlayer for tax preparers includes all essential forms and schedules, and supports all major IRS forms and schedules. There’s also an upgrade option for tax professional help, though that costs more than a quarter of the price of the Classic tier. However, this version of TaxSlayer is comparable to TurboTax and bargain tax software. However, if you’re an accountant or a tax professional, the Premium version offers the most benefits for your money.

Its Self-Employed tier

TaxSlayer’s Self-Employed plan offers more self-employment support than its competitors, but at a lower cost. With its $100 price, TaxSlayer’s Self-Employed tier is a cheaper option than the self-employed tier of rival services such as TurboTax and H&R Block. This tier also includes three years of audit assistance. TaxSlayer’s Self-Employed tier also includes a free personal tax pro with special expertise in self-employment taxes.

The Self-Employed tier for non-companies is also the most expensive. It includes a number of extra support services, including priority email support, live chat, and unlimited professional tax advice. The cost of the Self-Employed tier is $60 for a federal return, and $40 for state returns. TaxSlayer also offers a free version of the service, but the limitations are much more severe.

In addition to being able to file all IRS forms, the Self-Employed tier also includes the ability to import prior tax returns. Users can also receive basic email support. TaxSlayer’s Premium tier costs $50 for federal and $40 for state returns. A Premium tier allows users to file up to three returns, and can also support multiple clients simultaneously.

There are a few limitations to the free version of TaxSlayer. Its self-employed self-help option isn’t suitable for those with complex tax situations, like multiple W-2 jobs, rental properties, and so on. People with more complex tax situations should opt for a paid package. TaxSlayer does offer some help at its Self-Employed tier, but many tax preparers prefer one-on-one support.

Its Premium tier

TurboTax’s price-to-feature ratio is a factor you must consider when comparing TurboTax with TaxSlayer. TurboTax’s free tier offers the most features for the price, while TaxSlayer has a cheaper Premium tier that matches the same functionality. TurboTax has the edge on all forms, while TaxSlayer offers a better overall experience and a solid price point.

The Deluxe tier is typically used by filers who have child care expenses or want to deduct student loan interest. This tier tends to be the worst value. There are exceptions to this rule, however, with H&R Block. This company supports 1099-NEC income, which is often a complicated tax situation. Therefore, this Deluxe tier is not ideal for individuals. However, you can save money by taking advantage of H&R Block’s free Deluxe tier.

Its prices

If you’re in the market for a new tax preparer, you might want to know the different price ranges available. Prices for services vary widely depending on the type of tax form and income level. The National Society of Accountants tracks the average price for various types of tax forms. Some tax professionals charge an hourly rate; others set minimum fees, which vary with the complexity of the return. Some professionals charge a fixed fee for the entire service, while others charge by the form.

Its depreciation module

One of the benefits of Taxslayer’s depreciation modules for tax preparers is that it can be accessed from any Wi-fi-enabled device. With the tax preparation software’s mobile app, TaxesToGo, you can access it from a mobile device and reach even more customers. This makes the app an easy and convenient choice for tax preparers.